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Zedd released the video for his latest single “Stay The Night” yesterday, and it already has over 750,000 views. The video is about a breakup and a couple spending the last night together. It is featuring the track’s singer Hayley Williams from Paramore, director Daniel “Cloud” Campos, two limber dancers and the young German himself.

The track, taken from the deluxe edition of the DJ/producer’s “Clarity” (out September 24 on Interscope), pairs Williams’ powerful pipes with Zedd’s unmistakably big electronic melodies, and it sounds like they were meant for each other. Like the hit single “Clarity” before it, the track swoons with an emotional chorus. But this one is more out of passionate pain than defiant devotion.

The video features two “So You Think You Can Dance”-quality dancers expressing their relationship’s end acrobatically, while Williams looks fabulous doing the rock star face-forward thing, and Zedd plays an upright piano – sometimes at lightning speed.

“The video shoot was quite basic,” Zedd, born Anton Zaslavski, told Billboard. “Cloud built a very minimal but very cool set with hanging light bulbs being the main accent pieces. I played piano at regular time and double-time, so it was a nice opportunity for me to polish up my chops.”

For Williams, who is used to “Twilight”-level theatrics, the shoot had a refreshing lack of pretense. “It’s nice because it’s simple and there’s a lot of heart in it,” she says in the BTS video.

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