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Boyfriend Scares Sleeping Girlfriend With ‘The Ring’ Style Wake Up Prank

Prankster James Williams wanted to see how his girlfriend would react to a ghost coming out of the television, so he spent several weeks recreating Samara from The Ring for a terrifying wake up prank. After his girlfriend falls asleep in front of the television, Williams quickly attaches the ghost like puppet to the screen and wakes her up.

Absolute fear on her face @1:36, just FYI, her scream is pretty annoying.

Japanese Dinosaur Prank is AMAZING

Now I may know why Godzilla is so feared – trust issues man! I also agree with the top comment:

I guess it’s true when you’re scared, you trip and fall constantly like in the horror movies. I always thought it was dumb and fake that they do that, but i guess when you’re scared shitless, you can’t even run fast!