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Texas students fake GPS signals and take control of an $80 million yacht | SciGuy | a Chron.com blog

In the good old days spoofing meant a Mad magazine article on a television show.No longer. In the world of secure (and insecure) networks, the act of spoofing entails faking data to take advantage of network insecurity. And as some University of Texas students led by professor Todd Humphreys have shown, it is now possible to spoof a GPS system.

That is, the students created a device that sent false GPS signals to a ship, overrode the existing GPS signals, and essentially gained control of the navigation of an $80 million yacht in the Mediterranean Sea. Here’s a video explaining how they did it:


DARPA Funded Powerbar Can Hack Your Network


All network admins, grab one of these, and let it try to penetrate your network.  Meet the Power Pwn, where a powerbar is more than meets the eye.  From what I gather, it is a computer with Linux on-board with many network connections, and automated network bypasses.

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