New Spin on Bubble Tea – TEA FUNNY…gotta check it!


This recommendation is brought to you by the kool kat Kristy Cool. Tea Funny opened about 2 weeks ago along Centre Street and 13th Avenue in the same plaza as Scotia Bank, Shoppers Drug Mart, and Tim Hortons. Here are the highlights:

  • Unique Ordering
  • Tastey Drinks
  • Friendly Staff
  • Awesome Decor

You can’t miss it when you drive along Centre Street. It has bold and attractive signage at the front of the shop.


When I walked in, I immediately admired the very modern/colourful decor, and the cozy atmosphere of the place. It feels hip and inspires good energy. You don’t see many shops in Calgary as well decorated as this one. It reminded me a lot of some ultra lux cafes in Hong Kong.


You sit down at a table and you see an iPad as the centerpiece. What is unique about Tea Funny is that you get service when you want it through the electronic menu and ordering system, aka iPad. Flip through the items by choosing a beverage, snack, dim sum, or assorted stir fries from the kitchen.


If you just want a drink, you choose a beverage, the type of pearls or jellies, then press the place order button. Like an email it fires off and you see the drink mixers behind the bar brew up your concoction. My goto was a fresh Taro with explosive pearls – pearls with juice in it (I know right?!). It tasted what a fresh taro would taste like, sweet, with a starchy texture.


I think my next time there I will try the Taro in powdered version, but the Mango Banana Smoothie across from me was pretty awesome too! It might be slightly better than the Taro but you didn’t hear it from me!

Checkout was easy and painless. Press the checkout button on the iPad and a server appears with a credit card machine ready to settle your bill. Really awesome and good service!



The lack of decent reviews on a Google search didn’t detract me from giving Tea Funny a shot. The drinks were good and not overly sweet – the Taro was authentic, the Mango Banana Smoothie was velvety, and the pearls were fresh. You have nothing to lose other than 10% from your bill because of the grand opening. GO GO GO! 🙂

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