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Apple releases iOS 7.1 with reboot fix, UI tweaks, and CarPlay

The long-awaited iOS 7.1 update is now available. While this is a point release, Apple has made several tweaks to the iOS user interface, alongside the usual bug fixes and some feature additions. The main visual changes can be found in the phone dialer and power off features. iOS 7.1 switches to rounded UI elements in both of these areas, and the incoming call interface now includes separate decline and accept buttons below floating circular icons for the Remind Me and Message options.


Upgrade list:

  • CarPlay – iOS’ in-car experience ships with iOS 7.1.
  • Siri – New more, natural sounding voices for Mandarin Chinese, UK English, Australian English, and Japanese
  • iTunes Radio – Search field above Featured Stations, Buy albums with a tap from Now Playing, Subscribe to iTunes Match on your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch
  • Calendar – Option to display events in month view, Country-specific holidays
  • Accessibility – Bold font option for keyboard, calculator, and icons
  • iPhone 5S HDR can be automatically enabled
  • iCloud keychain gets support in more countries
  • FaceTime notifications are automatically cleared when you answer a call on another device
  • Home screen crashing bug was fixed
  • Improved Touch ID
  • Improved iPhone 4 performance
  • UI refinements
  • Mail app badge will now go above 10,000

NASA Seeking Volunteers to Stay in Bed For 70 Days

Who says there’s a job crisis in America? NASA is currently looking to pay a number of volunteers $18,000 to lie in bed for 70 days. Participants will be allowed to play games, talk to friends and family members, take classes, even work remotely for their real job, as long as they do not get out of bed for the entire duration of the experiment. Continue reading NASA Seeking Volunteers to Stay in Bed For 70 Days

New Mosquito Repellent Made, “Better Than Anything Else”

New Mosquito Repellent Made, “Better Than Anything Else”

Formula uses human compounds to block mosquitoes’ sense of smell.


Christine Dell’Amore
for National Geographic
Published September 17, 2013

Mosquitoes bugging you? There may be a new repellent on the horizon—and it’s “so much better than anything else we’ve ever seen,” its inventor says.

A few years ago, Ulrich Bernier was busy blending various chemicals together in the lab, hoping to figure out why the blood-sucking insects bite some people more than others. Mosquitoes home in on their targets by sniffing out various chemicals and bacteria on human skin. Continue reading New Mosquito Repellent Made, “Better Than Anything Else”

Redbox Kicks off in Canada

redbox logo

Redbox is a movie rental service where you can reserve the movies you want online and quickly and easily pick them up at any Redbox location in Canada. The system might seem a little outdated with the wide availability of stream-on-demand entertainment options these days, but not everyone has the bandwidth to support streaming so this may actually be a great option for some.
Continue reading Redbox Kicks off in Canada

Texas students fake GPS signals and take control of an $80 million yacht | SciGuy | a blog

In the good old days spoofing meant a Mad magazine article on a television show.No longer. In the world of secure (and insecure) networks, the act of spoofing entails faking data to take advantage of network insecurity. And as some University of Texas students led by professor Todd Humphreys have shown, it is now possible to spoof a GPS system.

That is, the students created a device that sent false GPS signals to a ship, overrode the existing GPS signals, and essentially gained control of the navigation of an $80 million yacht in the Mediterranean Sea. Here’s a video explaining how they did it: