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A Summer’s Tale (Short Story)

I didn’t write this short story but I did read it on Reddit and really enjoyed it. The story is a recollection of a man’s experience road-tripping, finding a friend, and yearning for love.

Several summers ago I took an annual road trip through the Pacific Northwest. These particular trips I liked to take alone, as that gave me the freedom to make my own schedule on absolutely every aspect of the trip. I met a lot more people that way as well.

One morning I woke up feeling better than I ever had before. I had set up a tent the night before in a pretty secluded area among some trees and caught some rest before the journey to see the redwoods. I never did make that trip.

I was driving through a little town early that morning a bit before noon. I remember the area had a distinctly pleasant and crisp smell, like someone had taken all the good things about summer and spring, fresh flowers and mountain air, a sort of Caribbean citrus and sea salt mixed with that feeling you get just before a light rain. So I was taking that all in, drifting slowly through the place, and things felt so peaceful there I pulled over on main street and walked around. There was a little hole in the wall bar down the road that was just begging for me to enjoy some rum while I amused myself. I walk in, and the place is dark, and sort of cluttered, walls covered with old posters and the memorabilia of a much different time. I sat up at the bar and ordered my drink, and saluted at another man sitting down the line who seemed to be much in the same position I was in. We struck up a conversation and he turned out to live near the area, on a little grape farm nestled in a little valley. He had travelled the world burning through a trust fund until the day the account bounced. So he came back to one of his favorite spots he’d encountered with a girlfriend of his and settled down. I told him where I’d been and where I planned on going, and after several drinks and swapped stories he invited me to visit his place and meet his lover, who was spending the day laying in the sun in their back yard.

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