I pretend to like snow

This is me in Montana checking out a dam and then getting my rental car stuck in the snow.  What a perfect photo-op!


Thanks for checking out the blog and I’m giddy that you clicked my about page.  I like fiddling around with technology, I mean, it is my profession after all.  In my free time I enjoy traveling, active living, and sports.  If you want to keep in touch then use the contact form!


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Gary Tam (132 Posts)

Hey thanks for visiting my site, chances are, you are somebody I know. In case you aren't, here's a snippet of me. During my freetime, I like to play sports and stay active, as well as, anti-social activities like blogging and finding interesting content! I'm a work-focused and career oriented guy, but I balance that with my activities. Enjoy your stay and thanks for reading!

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